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Overlay Components

Detailed information for all our Overlay Components.

Window Component

Display custom HTML, Plain Text or JavaScript content.

Weather Component

Display the current weather, in game time/date and track temperature in the session.

Video Streams Component

Display local and remote Video Streams within your overlay.

Twitch Chat Component

Display your Twitch Chat within the overlay.

Track Map Settings Component

Customise the driver icons in the Track Map Component.

Track Map Component

Display a Track Map and overlay all driver positions on to the map.

Timing Tower Settings Component

Display information in the Timing Tower Component.

Timing Tower Component

Display the current race standings with up to 8 columns of additional data.

Time Delta Component

Display the Selected Driver and a comparison driver’s gap over previous laps.

Setup Cover Component

Display an image automatically hiding your garage screen whenever it is opened.

Session State Settings Component

Set what information to display within the Session State Component.

Session State Component

Display the current Session State as configured in Session State Settings Component.

Sectors Component

Display a comparison of lap sector times between 2 selected drivers.

Results Component

Display the final race results.

Replay Component

Control your Camera Selection and Replay Speed  when playing back a replay of an event.

Radio Component

Display a graphic when drivers are talking in iRacing voice chat.

Race Info Component

Display an information screen showing session details, weather and customisable text and logos.

Race Control Component

Display a message with a heading of Information or Penalty.

Qualifying Component

display drivers on personal best or session best laps during a qualifying session.

Playback Component

Control your iRacing play, pause, rewind, fast forward etc functions from within iRacing Live Timing.

Pit Strategy Component

Display a graphical representation of the current pit strategies of selected drivers.

Pit Lane Component

Display drivers who have entered pit lane.

Overlay Reload Component

Reload the overlay and refresh the car paints in iRacing.

Navigation Component

Allows quick switching between cameras, time and sessions within iRacing.

NASCAR Tower 2020 Component

Display a vertical standings list in the style of the 2020 official NASCAR broadcast.

NASCAR Ticker 2020 Component

Display a NASCAR Ticker along the top of the screen.

NASCAR Driver Details 2020 Component

Displays driver information in the style of the 2020 official NASCAR broadcast.

NASCAR Driver Details 2020 Car Number Style Component

Set the color and style of the car number in the NASCAR Driver Details 2020 Component.

Missing Data Component

Hide data cells in the Timing Tower.

Logo Component

Display your logos on the overlay.

Lap Time History Component

Comparisons of previous lap times between selected drivers.

Interview Component

Display a label with editable text, by default it says Interview.

Initial Settings Component

Settings to check before starting your stream/race.

Grid Component

Display the starting grid in overall or class view.

Fuel Component

Display the current fuel usage and predicted refuelling requirements.

Events Component

Display a race information message relaying recorded events in iRacing Live Timing.

Driver Settings Component

Set how to display driver information throughout the overlay.

Driver Inputs Component

Display throttle, brake, clutch and steering traces for the selected driver.

Driver Details Component

Display information about the selected driver.

Display Mode Component

Quick switching between pre-configured displays.

Dashboard Component

Display the current gear, speed and revs of the selected driver.

Class Display Component

Display Class names and class data in the current session.

Chat Message Component

Send messages to iRacing chat directly from iRacing Live Timing.

Championship Standings Component

Configure the current Championship Standings.

Car Number Style Component

Adjust the colour and style of Driver Car Numbers.

Cameras Component

Control the iRacing cameras from within iRacing Live Timing.

Battle Box Component

Display a list of drivers battling for position around the selected driver.

Audio Level Component

Adjust the volume of the sound effect played with the replay transition.