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Slow Starts

Start like the pro’s, with the SDK dual clutch system. Never be left standing when the lights go out, get the perfect start every time!

Dual Stage Clutch

Set your bite point and let the dual stage clutch get you off to the best possible start.

iRacing Contenders

Compare race data to your rivals collected from the SDK.

iRacing Sequencer

iRacing Sequencer - ERS
Fine tune the McLaren MP4-30 ERS usage. Allows you to make quick adjustments just if you were using a rotary dial on a high-end steering wheel.
Make quick adjustment to the brake bias in the car, no longer do you have to cycle through tiny % adjustments with multiple button clicks. Makes adjusting your bias for one corner much more useful.
Dual Clutch System – Simulates a dual clutch system available on high-end steering wheels. Quickly adjust your bite point in warm up sessions in car, ensuring you have adapted to the correct track and weather condistions.
Configure/map your wheel or button box buttons. Simple buttons can now act as rotary dials and even be programmed like some high-end wheels or keyboards.

iRacing Contenders

iRacing Contenders App
Collect race data from everyone in the race and compare your performance to see where you are gaining or losing time. Always wanted to get data from your rivals on tools like iSpeed and VRS, well now you can.
Select from multiple data types including, RPM, Gear, Steering, Speed & more.
Compare your rivals data with your own race data to see where and what the differences are for every lap of the race.
Show the effect in terms of lap time and others where you rivals data varies from your own. Allows you to make educated alterations on car setup and driving style to improve on track.

iRacing Live Timing

iRacing Live Timing App
Live timing spotter tool, allows your spotter to keep track of your race progress and feedback infomation to the driver about the cars around him
Detailed information allows the spotter to track position, places gained, gap to leader, interval, lap times, sector times, speed, top speed, pit count, pit lane time, pit stop time, Inc & pit out position
Adjust the predicted pit out position based on estimated damage repair time. Stream the live timing to a web page or broadcast software such as OBS or xSplit.

iRacing Live Timing Stream Overlay

Live timing overlay streamed using OBS or xSplit.
GPS tracking overlay also streamed using OBS or xSplit

Rotary Macro

Upgrade wheel or button box button to analogue rotary dials, for quick in car adjustments.

iRacing Live Timing

Built in spotter tools, live timing and live streaming overlay.

Includes Access To Apex Racing UK Video Tutorials

Our Pro iRacing team have produced over 200 track guide, setup, ispeed, Motec & iRacing tutorial videos. Access to them all is included with our apps.

Support Forum & Updates Included With All Apps

Get access to our community forum and get the most out of our apps, speak with the developers and even shape the direction of the app by suggesting feature upgrades.

Updates are included with our apps for the duration of your subscription. As soon as the developers roll out a new version you get instant access via the community forum.

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