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Race Control Component

The Race Control Component will display a message with a heading of Information or Penalty.

Components are imported directly from within iRacing Live Timing. In iRacing Live Timing press F4 to open the Remote Control Tab and then F2 to enter Edit Mode. Click the Import Library button and select from the list the component you want to import. The component will then be imported to your Remote Control Tab in the first available empty space (often below existing components).

For a full list of all available Overlay Components please check out the Overlay Component List

Display Data

  • Penalty – Set background of next Race Control message to red.
  • Information – Set background of next Race Control message to grey.
  • First Text Field – Enter the title of the Race Control message.
  • Number Field – Enter the length of time (in seconds) the message will stay displayed.
  • Second Text Field – Enter the content of the Race Control message (maximum 2 lines).
  • Send Message – Will send message as set above.

This component is an ideal candidate to be used with the Remote Control Web App to allow a remote league admin/live steward to post Race Control messages direct to the overlay!

CSS Style Overrides

To customise your overlay we need to override the default CSS code that dictates how an individual component looks, where it is positioned and how it animates etc. In iRacing Live Timing press F3 to open the Configuration Panel, scroll down to find the Style Overrides field and click the 3 dots to open the screen on the left. Copy and paste the code below into the bottom of the Style Overrides window and adjust the values to get the desired effect. Read more information about using Style Overrides here:

.overlay>.race-control {
    width: 100%;
    bottom: 40px;
    transform: perspective(1000px) translateZ(0px);
    transform-origin: bottom;
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