Overlay Component List

Find the download link and help page for your component by selecting the category below or by scrolling down. Don’t know what a component is? Take a look at Remote Control Tab before coming back!

Once you have downloaded the component, press F4 in iRacing Live Timing to open the Remote Control Tab, then F2 to open the edit panel (it may be hiding behind your F3 settings if this is open) and select Import. Navigate to your downloaded component, click OK and your new component will be imported into the Remote Control Tab.

Reposition to where you want and then press F2 again to exit edit mode.

Pre-Race Components
Race Components
Post-Race Components
Audio Level
Adjust the Audio Level of the replay transition.
A broadcaster and a remote commentator can connect their iRacing cameras to sync their view.
Display Mode
Select different pre-configured overlay layouts.
Control the Starting Grid Panel settings.
Initial Settings
Customise display settings based on the type of iRacing session you have entered.
Missing Data
Hide data cells within the Timing Tower.
Multi Class Settings
Customise the class display settings for the Timing Tower Component.
Display drivers setting personal and session best sectors during a qualifying session.
Race Info
Customise the Race Info Panel.
Session State Settings
Adjust the settings for the Session State Component.
Setup Cover
Show or hide an image over your iRacing Garage screen.
Timing Tower Settings
Control the Timing Tower Component settings.
Track Map Settings
Customise the display settings of the Track Map Component.
Battle Box
Displays view of selected driver and drivers in close proximity.
Control your iRacing cameras directly from iRacing Live Timing.
Car Number Color
Set Car Number Background Color
Class Display
Display current classes in the session with additional data.
Display the selected drivers Speed, Gear and Revs in real time.
Driver Details
Display information for the selected driver.
Driver Inputs
Display drivers trace of throttle, brake, clutch and steering.
Display selected event messages from iRacing Live Timing.
Display live Fuel calculations.
Lap Time History
Display selected drivers lap time history.
Show or hide the main logo as set in Style Overrides.
Overlay Reload
Reload the Overlay or reload iRacing car paints.
NASCAR Ticker 2020
Display a Ticker based on the NASCAR 2020 design
Allows quick switching between cameras, time and sessions.
Pit Lane
Display drivers who enter pit lane.
Pit Strategy
Display pit strategy information.
Control the iRacing playback when not in the car.
Race Control
Display race control messages, for a league with live stewards.
Display a visual indicator when drivers are talking in iRacing chat.
Pre-select camera for Replay Playback
Display recent sector times.
Session State
Show or hide session information.
Displays a customisable HTML panel.
Time Delta
Display lap time and interval changes over previous laps.
Timing Tower
Display the Timing Tower and choose what data to display.
Track Map
Displays a map of all visible drivers position on the track.
Twitch Chat
Display live Twitch chat within the overlay.
Video Streams
Display local and remote video streams within your overlay.
Display session weather information.
Championship Standings
Customise the information to display in Championship Standings.
Add Interview label above Driver Details, text can be edited.
Customise the information to display in Race Results.

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