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iRacing Live Timing – – New Plugin System!

New Features

  • To complement the new Plugin System, a new family of Components have been added; Window 1, Window 2, Window 3 and Window 4. These provide blank panels to display data from the Plugin System or to directly display HTML or plain text. These can be imported from directly within iRacing Live Timing by opening the Remote Control Tab (F4), entering Edit Mode (F2) and using the Import from library button. Read more about these components here:
  • New custom action variables have been added to the overlay. These variables can be used to trigger a custom Scheduler. Read more about how to use the Scheduler here:
    • In the example below a custom scheduler named Garage has been added. Its sequence is starting when IRacing.IsInGarage becomes True. At the start of this sequence camera is switched to Chopper.
IRacing.IsInGarage      /* True if driver is in garage */
IRacing.DriverMarker    /* True if player presses marker button (M by default) */
IRacing.Live            /* True if not in a replay */
  • Updated Navigation Component. 4 new buttons have been added (First crash, Previous crash, Next crash, Last crash) allowing navigation between crashes recorded in the event list. These buttons trigger the same animations, camera and driver changes as when double clicking an event in the event list. Read more about the Navigation Component here and update to the latest version from within iRacing Live Timing Settings / Remote control / Outdated Components.

Bug Fixes

  • Software Authentication has been improved.
  • In-Sim date not changing when crossing midnight boundary has been corrected
  • Overtake and crash events are not recorded after race finish anymore
  • Timing panel rescaling bug on 4K monitors has been corrected
  • Updates to lower central server load.
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