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Overlay – rev 557

Twitch Chat Component

  • iRating/class badge has been added to the Twitch Chat Component. For this badge to be displayed the Twitch user will need to enter their details into our  Driver Information App ensuring they have entered their Twitch Channel Name.
  • Maximum number of messages option has been added to Twitch chat to limit the number of displayed messages instead of clipping. Download updated component from the above link to access this feature.
  • The Twitch chat emote parser has been improved to avoid mixing up Twitch, BTTV and FrankerFaceZ emotes and badges.
  • The Timeout field now works correctly.

Session State Component

  • Session flag classes (green, yellow, white, checkered) have been added to Session State component to allow styling as a function of flag state. Find the CSS code at the component page linked above.
  • Session State component has been corrected to avoid avoid displaying ‘undefined’ in rare situations.

Driver Inputs Component

  • Driver Inputs component has been improved to hide clutch, brakes and throttle inputs when user is not the driver displayed.

Driver Details Component

  • Display of the wrong photo in Driver Details when switching driver in hidden state has been corrected.
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