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iRacing Live Timing –

  • Additional fuel data is sent to the overlay.
  • Event recording in replay from file mode has been added.

Recording of events in replay from file mode has limitations:

  • Recording is stopped when jumping forward or backwards in time.
  • Recording is stopped when double clicking an event in event log.

When event recording is stopped a Restart Event Recording button is displayed. When clicking this button the event log is cleared and event recording is started.

How to use event recording in replay from file mode:

  • Load your replay file in iRacing.
  • Jump to the session time where you want to start recording events using the usual +/- 1 lap, FF, RW buttons: the Restart Event Recording button will be displayed.
  • Click the Restart Event Recording.
  • Click the Play button and eventually FF (FF is faster but less accurate).
  • When all the events you need are recorded double click on any event to jump to it.
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