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iRacing Live Timing – – Proxies and Timing Data Updates


  • The Embedded Web Server has been rewritten and a proxy system added to improve reliability of serving files. Features such as display of images rendered by iRacing previously restricted to the use of a room connection display of the overlay are also now available with local connections.
  • Updated Settings / Links / F1 style overlay – local connection link using proxy and your iRacing folder path for display of car and helmet images stored in your iRacing paint folder.
  • Additional data is sent to the overlay to correctly display iRacing rendered car images (including wheel color and chrome).
  • New gap and interval calculation method for the Timing Tower.
  • New relative timing calculation for the Battle Box.
  • Overlay updated for Season 4 2022

Embedded Web Server

  • The Embedded Web Server no longer stalls on client disconnect.
  • There are 3 proxies that fetch files for the web server. All files come from the same base server to improve reliability with CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing):
    • iRacing image renderer proxy for car, for helmet and number images rendered by iRacing.
    • Overlay proxy, for all SDK Gaming overlay files.
    • General purpose proxy that can be used to proxy any other URL, for example URL’s to files on other servers that must be proxied to avoid CORS issues on a local connection
  • 3 settings have been added to the F3 Settings / Web server section of iRacing Live Timing:
    • Enable proxy cache – Turns internal caching on/off. Set to Yes by default.
    • Persist cache content – Saves and reloads cache content on startup. Set to Yes by default.
    • Overlay cache timeout – sets the timeout in seconds added to files cached by the proxy and in the browser cache. Set to 3600s by default.
  • Using the new proxy feature we can now simultaneously access the data locally (no lag, not dependant on internet connection quality and bandwidth) and have access to iRacing’s generated helmet, car and number images for display on the overlay. The following link uses the iRacing Live Timing proxy: http://localhost:8008/overlay/f1-overlay.html?server=localhost:8282&iracingfolder=YOUR_IRACING_FOLDER assuming the iRacing Live Timing embedded webserver is set to port 8008 (this link is automatically generated in F3 Settings / Links labelled F1 style overlay – local connection). Any external file can be proxied by the iRacing Live Timing general purpose proxy to avoid CORS blocking the file by using the following link: http://localhost:8008/proxy.html?source=URL_TO_BE_PROXIED For example: http://localhost:8008/proxy.html?source=

Timing Data

The main iRacing Live Timing screen and the overlay’s Timing Tower now display different data:

  • The iRacing Live Timing screen displays data from the point of view of the selected driver (no change in behaviour)
  • The overlay’s Timing Tower now displays gap and interval relative to the iRacing class leader (previously displayed relative to overall leader):
    • Positives:
      • The Timing Tower data is no longer changing when switching from a car in a slow class to a car in a fast class (and vice versa).
      • Timing Tower data can now repopulate quicker when restarting iRacing Live Timing in a long race when slow cars are several laps down.
    • Negatives:
      • In Overall mode the gap from a slow class car to the overall leader is not exact anymore.
      • Total gap can’t be displayed anymore.
      • Overall display may look weird when cars of different classes are interleaved in the Timing Tower (it is recommended to use the Grouped Class Display in this situation).
  • Battle Box gap data can not be compared anymore with the Timing Tower as they represent different things:
    • The Timing Tower gap value displays the time difference between leader and drivers crossing the same spot on track. Values are 100% accurate as they are calculated using measured data (from the past). This is exactly what a conventional timing system does and this method is therefore well suited for millisecond accurate timing data displays. As this method exclusively looks back in time, it cannot see cars stopped ahead getting closer.
  • The Battle Box gap displays the time it will take for the selected car to reach the position of cars around it. This calculation is a prediction based on previously completed laps. This method is slightly less accurate than the timing tower method as it is a prediction method, but it can see cars stopped ahead getting closer. It is therefore better suited for drivers using the Battle Box as a relative display than the previous system.


The overlay has been updated to include:

  • Porsche Mission R
  • Rudskogen
  • Oschersleben GP
  • Oschersleben alternate
  • Oschersleben B course
  • Oschersleben C course
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