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iRacing Live Timing – FAQ

Live Timing Help

Why can’t I save my project files / why is autosave not working

Be sure to extract iRacingLiveTiming.exe.config from the file to the same folder as iRacingLiveTiming.exe

How do I change the side of the pole position in the Grid?

  • By default we display the position that iRacing sends us but sometimes it is wrong! Enter one of these in your Settings / Overlay / Initial Variable Values:
Overlay.Grid.PoleSitterSide = "Left";
Overlay.Grid.PoleSitterSide = "Right";

When should I use Class name overrides?

Class name overrides are used only in very specific situations:

  • You need more/less/different classes than what iRacing provides.
  • You need to run different class sets at once (for example DP/GTE/GT3 and at the same time as ROOKIE/REGULAR/VETERAN).
  • You need to exclude cars from the standings: when using 1 racing car as the pace car you don’t want it to appear in the standings (set pace car class to None in all Class sets).
  • When using an official race for a league and you want only league drivers to appear in the standings (use class set 2 or 3 and set Class name 2 or 3 for all drivers to display).

When I start iRacing Live Timing I get an error message telling me I am not in the SDK Gaming Roster?

Your iRacing Live Timing, Live HUD & Live Streamer app license is tied to your iRacing account. When you placed your order you entered your iRacing Customer ID. If you entered this incorrectly or are connected to iRacing with a different iRacing account then the software will not authenticate.

If you are trying to view a replay from a different iRacing member then our software will not authenticate unless they also have a license. We provide a workaround for this; first ensure iRacing Live Timing is running, open a live iRacing session and ensure iRacing Live Timing successfully connects. Then keep iRacing Live Timing open, close your live session and open your replay file.

If you need further assistance please ask in our Discord Support Server.

Why does iRacing Live Timing crash on startup?

The iRacing Live Timing app is only available for Windows 8, 10 and 11 due to the DirectX Subsystems that are required.

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