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iRacing Live Timing –

iRacing Live Timing –

  • Fallback driver classes based on iRacing class colors are now added if missing on startup.
  • New chat message component for sending messages to iRacing chat directly from iRacing Live Timing

Chat Message Component

The previous value ofIRacing.ChatMessageimmediately sent the message. This doesn’t allow preparing templates that you can edit before sending.

Now the message displayed in theIRacing.ChatMessage.Texttext box will only send when the Send button is selected. Therefore you can edit the message before sending.

With this method you can prepare multiple message templates in buttons which when selected will display in the text box. These messages can have blanks to be edited (car # etc…) before sending).

This could be useful for race admins or broadcasters to send Race Control commands to iRacing without opening the iRacing UI. Find the instructions here for how to edit buttons with the Remote Control Tab:

If you create a button with the variableIRacing.ChatMessage.Text = "!black #";when you select that button “!black #” will then display in the text box for you to add the car number, select Send and quickly apply a black flag to the driver. This basic method can be used to create as many different templates ready for different edits as you want.

Download the component here:

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