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iRacing Live Timing –

  • New Results Component and weekend results calculation.
  • New Championship Standings Component and championship standings calculation.
  • New Driver classes and Driver class set editors.
  • Results are now added to the Session Results List as soon as they are available and can be displayed at any time.
  • During a weekend the number of session results that can be displayed increases as sessions are completed as reflected in the session list in the new Results component.
  • Each kind of session can now use its own Point system: these are set in the new Car class and Car class set editors. For example to automatically add a bonus for pole add a point system with points for first and the rest at 0 and set it as the Qualify point system.
  • Championship standings are now calculated from the sum of points earned in all sessions in the weekend.
  • Driver Classes and Driver Class Set editors have been altered to incorporate the new points system.

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