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iRacing Live Timing – – Various Improvements


iRacingLiveTiming has been updated to

  • Relative gaps as provided directly by iRacing are now displayed in battle box until enough data is recorded for iRacing Live Timing to calculate a more accurate relative (only applies to test, practice, qualify and warmup sessions). Previously no data would be displayed until iRacing Live Timing received enough data.
  • Support for high DPI displays has been restored.
  • iRacing Live Timing window always on top feature has been reactivated.
  • Behaviour of the embedded web server and proxies have been improved.
  • Background color, text color, logo URL have been made available in the Multicar Team editor. Logo URL is will be available for display on the overlay in a future release.
  • Nameless car classes are now displayed in the Driver classes / Classes in session window (nameless car classes are custom iRacing classes in leagues and AI sessions).
  • ALT-drag selection in Remote Control Tab doesn’t select widgets referencing only variables that start with IRacing, Results, Championship or RaceControl. To allow for easier renaming/creation of overlay instances.
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