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iRacing Live Timing – – Various Improvements

iRacingLiveTiming has been updated to

  • Several small graphics bugs have been fixed.
  • UI graphics have been optimised for better responsiveness.
  • Line numbers have been added to Initial variable values and Style overrides editors.
  • “Include” feature has been added to Initial Variable Values using the command#include
    • This allows you to reference an external file containing variables. This file can be hosted locally or on the web. The #include line is replaced with the content of the file before the file is compiled and interpreted.
    • Example:#include C:\User\Desktop\RoadSeries.txt#include
    • Currently available from our server are localisation files. You can reference these usinglocalisation/localisation-spanish.txtYou can find all our localisation files here:
  • Check for update has been changed to hourly.

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