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Fuel and Class Display Component updates

By 16th December 2019 No Comments
  • Player incident count and max incidents have been added to Fuel Component. Find the user manual and download link here: Fuel Component
  • Class Display Component can now display class leader. Find the user manual and download link here: Class Display
  • IRacing.ChatMessage and IRacing.ChatMacro variables have been added. This is mostly to send race control messages on a button click. For example:
    • Chat:
      IRacing.ChatMessage = "my message";

      sends my message to the iRacing chat then clears the variable. As a side effect the iRacing window is brought to foreground: this is a windows limitation as only the foreground window can receive key presses.

      IRacing.ChatMacro = "x";

      with x being a number from 0 to 15 sends iRacing chat macro number x to the chat window then clears the variable There are no side effects.

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