iRacing Live Timing, Live HUD and Live Streamer app – Annual Dual Account Subscription

£124.99 Ex-Vat / year

The most accurate live timing software available for iRacing taps into the power of the SDK. Display a detailed timing screen on a second screen, integrate an overlay into your race screen or display an overlay on your Twitch stream all displaying live information!

This product gives access to the iRacing Live Timing, Live HUD & Live Streamer app for 2 iRacing accounts with the 2nd iRacing account at 50% off! Ideal if you have an iRacing alt account or even a friend you wish to share a subscription with. Check out our Team Subscription product if you are looking for access to our software for 4 or more users!

iRacing Live Timing

Display detailed timing information on a second screen from the app or on any other device through a web browser with iRacing Live Timing. Live data is pulled from the iRacing service with custom overrides for any information you want (team names, nationalities etc).

This application can be used as a spotter tool to compare your performance to drivers ahead and behind you and also to optimise pit stop timing. Additionally, it can also broadcast calculated data to a central server where a simple web page can display them. This will give every SDK Gaming member a simple way to set up a live timing page for an event. Find out more in the user manual here: iRacing Live Timing User Manual

iRacing Live Timing (3)

iRacing Live HUD

Display a track map, timing information and much more on top of your iRacing session to gain a tactical advantage over your competitors with iRacing Live HUD! Find out more in the user manual here: iRacing Live HUD User Manual

iRacing Live Streamer

Want to add value to your iRacing Twitch stream? With iRacing Live Streamer you can display a fully customisable overlay to your viewers. From track maps and timing towers, to driver information and even Twitch chat, your viewers will be right there with you throughout the race! Find out more in the user manual here: iRacing Live Streamer User Manual

iRacing Name

iRacing Customer ID

Your iRacing Customer ID is required to register the software. Navigate to the “My Account” section of the iRacing website and your ID will be displayed in the top right hand corner.

iRacing Name 2

iRacing Customer ID 2

The iRacing Customer ID of the 2nd account you wish to register to the software.

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