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iRacing Live Timing –

iRacing Live Timing –

  • Complete rewrite of the Remote Control Panel in DirectX.
    • This was a huge project for Pascal and you will now find the entire Remote Control Panel massively more responsive!
    •  The Remote Control Panel now opens and closes instantly.
    • No delays when in Edit Mode. Components will import, be repositioned and bulk selected instantly.
  • New Remote Control Panel pan feature (CTRL + hold left click in the background then drag).
  • New Remote Control and Event List zoom feature (CTRL + mousewheel for Remote Control and  zoom setting for Event Viewer in F3 settings/Event viewer/Event panel zoom (%)).
  • Cleartype has been added to remote control and event list.
  • New car logos have been added.
  • New iRacing classes have been added.
  • Last/best sector times can be selected for display in main timing page (set to show in F3 Settings/Data Display/Sector times).
  • Cars towing to pit handling has been improved (towing cars are not displayed as leaders anymore).
  • Many bugfixes

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