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iRacing Live Timing –

iRacing Live Timing has been updated to

  • Display of joker lap has been added for applicable sessions.
  • Support for Multicar team championship standings has been added.
  • Driver Overrides have been updated to add Multicar teams.
  • Multicar team name has been added to timing tower component.
  • Overlay team color setting has been redesigned.
  • Driver highlight mode has been added to driver overrides.
  • Car Classes have been updated to latest.
  • Control character filter has been added to style overrides and initial variable values to avoid parsing errors.

Multicar Teams

Multicar Teams builds on top of what iRacing already provides. A multicar team is like a real life team with several cars, each of which can have one or several drivers. This is breaking change.

  • Multicar Teams are created using Settings / Championship / Multicar teams editor. Each Multicar Team:
    • Has a Team Name.
    • Can be defined a Color.
    • Can be placed in 1 Multicar Team class of each Multicar Team class set.
  • Multicar teams can be displayed in the overlay by selecting Position or Stripe in the Timing Tower Settings Component.
  • Multicar team results and championship standings can be calculated using the Multicar Team championship standings editor. Multicar team classes are displayed in Results and Championship components with a leading > sign.

Driver Highlight

  • Driver Highlight mode allows highlighting of selected drivers using Multicar Team or Driver Color as background color in the standings panel. Configure this in Driver Overrides.

Download the latest versions of the Timing Tower and the Timing Tower Settings Components from here:

Timing Tower Component

Timing Tower Settings Component

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