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iRacing Live Timing –

  • Replay transition intro and outro sounds have been split.
  • Videos can now be used for replay transition intro and outro.

Copy and paste the appropriate lines into Settings / Overlay / Initial Variable Values:

  • Intro and outro sounds when entering replay mode
Overlay.ReplayTransition.ShowSound = "a.mp3";
Overlay.ReplayTransition.HideSound = "b.mp3";
  • Intro and outro sounds when leaving replay mode
Overlay.ReplayTransition.ShowSound2 = "c.mp3";
Overlay.ReplayTransition.HideSound2 = "d.mp3";
  • Replay mode intro and outro videos (note only mp4 and webm files are supported)
Overlay.ReplayTransition.Source = "x.mp4";
Overlay.ReplayTransition.Source2 = "y.mp4"; 

IfOverlay.ReplayTransition.ShowSound2is not setOverlay.ReplayTransition.ShowSoundis used.

IfOverlay.ReplayTransition.HideSound2is not setOverlay.ReplayTransition.HideSoundis used.

IfOverlay.ReplayTransition.Source2is not setOverlay.ReplayTransition.Sourceis used.

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