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iRacing Live Timing –

  • Improved race results
  • Redesigned championship standings
  • Fixed CSV import/export of driver classes

Inner working of Race results and Championship standings has significantly changed.

Race Results

  • Race results data are now automatically sent to overlays ready for display when results are official (usually a few seconds after last car crosses s/f line).
  • Race results are blank (nothing will be displayed) as long as race results are not official.
  • When a class with no results is selected the Race Results panel will not be displayed.

Championship Standings

  • Championship Standings are not automatically sent anymore to overlays.
  • To send Championship Standings to overlays press the Send data button in the Driver Championship Standings editor.
  • To send Championship Standings after a race:
    • Click Retrieve Race Data in the Driver Championship Standings editor when Race results are official. This will read driver positions and calculate points according to the point system
    • Add bonus/penalty points.
    • Press the Send data button in the Driver Championship Standings editor to send the resulting data to overlays.
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