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iRacing Live Timing – – US Server, Import Championship Standings and more


  • iRacing Live Timing has been integrated into a dual central server architecture with the addition of a US based server.
  • Import from database feature added to the Championship editor. This allows displaying official iRacing League Championship Points without having to download then upload CSV files.
  • OBS subsystem has been added to iRacing Live Timing.
  • iRacing Live Timing now sends your iRacing folder path to overlays. Therefore adding the iRacing folder path (iracingfolder=) to the overlay URL to display custom liveries on car images is not required anymore if:
    • A room connection is used when the iRacing Live Timing computer is also rendering the overlay.
    • A local connection is used with the embedded proxy system.
  • All available driver properties in a session are now loaded into Driver Overrides when using the new Import from database button.
  • Handling of car_num_xxx.tga and car_num_team_xxx.tga car paints has been added to the car image system.
  • Additional car image wheel data has been added.
  • Animations within iRacing Live Timing have been improved.
  • Driver rollover animation in Position in lap mode (selected in F3 settings / Appearance / Display Mode) has been corrected.
  • iRacing Live Timing Gain and Class Gain columns are now automatically hidden in non-race sessions.
  • More CSS properties have been added to the Style Overrides editor syntax coloring.
  • More CSS properties have been added to the Style Overrides syntax checker.
  • Double clicking a syntax error in the Style Overrides error panel now jumps you straight to the syntax error location.
  • Connection status in F3 Settings / Live Timing Server displays “Room is occupied” when the room name is already in use.
  • F3 Settings / Web server / Persist cache content displayed in bold has been corrected.
  • Database access (DriverInfo, iRacing car classes etc…) is now fully asynchronous.
    • Startup time is now reduced.
    • iRacing Live Timing does not hang on startup when a server is down

US Central Server

A second central server located in the US has been added to our network infrastructure. The purpose of this architecture is:

  • To remove a single point of failure, in case of central server unavailability.
  • To balance load across servers during large events.
  • To reduce network delay for US and Asia customers

Inner working of dual server architecture:

  • On startup iRacing Live Timing determines the delay and load of each central server.
  • The closest non-overloaded server is selected.
  • On connection to the selected server its name is displayed in F3 Settings / Live timing server / Connection status.
  • Web apps (including overlays) scan all central servers until they find a server holding their room.
  • Web apps connect to the server holding their room.
  • In the case of central server failure both iRacing Live Timing and web apps will automatically restart their connection procedure and connect to a working central server.

OBS subsystem

The new OBS subsystem uses obs-websocket 5.0.0 available from OBS 28.0.0:


  • In OBS Tools menu click OBS WebSocket parameters.
  • Check the Activate Websocket server checkbox.
  • Set or write down port number (default value is 4455).
  • Check the Use authentication checkbox and set a password.

iRacing Live Timing

  • In F3 Settings / OBS / Address:Port set the port number to match OBS (for example localhost:4455).
  • In F3 Settings / OBS/ Password set the password to match OBS.
  • F3 Settings / OBS / Connection state should then display Connected.

You can then add a few buttons in the iRacing Live Timing remote control with left button click action being one or several of:

Obs.SelectedScene = "SCENE_NAME"; /*Must exactly match scene name in OBS*/
Obs.Streaming = "False";  /* True or False */
Obs.Recording = "False";  /* True or False */
Obs.Scenes[SCENE_NAME].Sources[SOURCE_NAME].Visible = "True"; /* True or False */

Championship Standings Import from Database

The Import from database button at the bottom of the Championship Standings Editor makes displaying official iRacing league championship standings much simpler. There is now no need to save and then import points before or after the race in CSV format from iRacing. All iRacing league championship standings can be fetched from our database in one click.

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